Laboratory Products

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Plaster Coating Solution
From:  £10.00 (£12.00 Inc VAT)
Meadway Duplicating Gel
Price:  £80.79 (£96.95 Inc VAT)
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Meadway PlasGel
Price:  £80.79 (£96.95 Inc VAT)

Meadway Light Curing Trays
From:  £31.13 (£37.36 Inc VAT)
Meadway Rayon Veins
From:  £9.95 (£11.94 Inc VAT)
Price:  £11.50 (£13.80 Inc VAT)

Soft or Hard Relining Kit
From:  £46.80 (£56.16 Inc VAT)
Attenborough Steel Mesh
From:  £2.83 (£3.40 Inc VAT)
Flexible Diamond Disc
From:  £4.25 (£5.10 Inc VAT)
Stoddard Felt Cones
From:  £1.15 (£1.38 Inc VAT)

Stoddard Felt Wheels
From:  £8.03 (£9.64 Inc VAT)
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Stoddard Lathe Brushes
From:  £12.45 (£14.94 Inc VAT)
Attenborough Lathe Brushes
From:  £19.85 (£23.82 Inc VAT)
Meadway Medium Brushes
Price:  £5.50 (£6.60 Inc VAT)

Showing 17 - 32 of 52 Results