Desderman Pure Gel Disinfectant 500ML

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Desderman Pure is an alcoholic solution for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Desderman pure hand sanitiser has been tested via most recent methods and is efficient against norovirus in only 15 seconds.
As Desderman Pure contains neither colouring nor perfume, it is recommended for persons with allergies.

Product Details for Desderman Pure Hand Sanitiser:

  • Alcoholic Hand disinfectant
  • Skin protection and care through its proven hydration system
  • Excellent microbicidal and virucidal effectiveness
  • Effective against norovirus in only 15 seconds
  • Listed AAH ( Association for Applied Hygiene)/ DGHM ( German society for Hygiene and microbiology), RKI (Robert Koch Institute) in accordance with ยง 18lfSG
    Free of dyes and perfumes – ideal for those with allergies

Active Spectrum:

  • Bactericidal (incl. TB)
  • Fungicidal
  • Virucidal for lipophilen and hydrophilic viruses (Polio-, Rota-, Adeno-, Vaccinia-, Herpes-simplex viruses, HBV, HCV, HIV and Noroviruses)


  • Desderman Pure is used undiluted
  • Activation time of 30 seconds after application (hygienic hand sanitation) up to 90 seconds (surgical hand sanitation)
  • During activation, the skin should remain moist

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