EM Casting Sprues


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Sprues equipped with the most ideal shape of flow and with reservoir. The original since 1997 – approved a million times in casting technique.


  • The alloy being injected swirls less, as to the ball of the sprue is shaped like a nozzle.
  • Due to the tube diameter of 3 mm and the concave shape of the reservoir, an easy and metal-saving removal after casting is provided.
  • A more homogenous texture without cavities.

Now available for non-precious metals equipped with a wider diameter of the tube.

Also try the special Stick-on Wax for sprues for best results.

Sold in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm in packs of 250 pcs.

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6mm – 250pcs, 7mm – 250pcs, 8mm – 250pcs


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