Heat Cure Royale Elite Powder


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New Heat Cure material. Forty-five minutes working time. Heatcure in 20 minutes or overnight. Superb results. Shades available: Standard Veined and Translucent Veined. A specific Royale Elite Liquid was created to maximise results.

Available in 3 Kits: Kit 1 contains 1kg of Powder and 500ml of Liquid. Kit 2 contains 3kg of Powder and 2.5lt of Liquid. Kit 3 contains 10kg of Powder and 5lt of Liquid.

Also available in Cold Cure.

Additional information

Powder Shade

Standard Veined, Translucent Veined

Powder Size

450gm, 1kg, 3kg, 10kg, Kit 1 – 1kg Powder & 500ml Liquid, Kit 2 – 3kg Powder & 2.5lt Liquid, Kit 3 – 10kg Powder & 5lt Liquid


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