LDS High Speed Burs


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High quality High Speed burs for LDS II exam practise. Available individually only.

Diamond Bur SDM61 – Taper Bur with Round End
Diamond Bur SDM16 – Pear shaped Bur
Diamond Bur SDF71 – Cylinder Bur with Round End
Diamond Bur 652 – Flame shaped Interproximal Bur
Diamond Bur 650 – Very Fine Rugby shaped Bur
Tungsten Carbide 330 – Pear shaped Tungsten Carbide Bur
Tungsten Carbide 558 – Tungsten Carbide Fissure Bur

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LDS Burs

SDM61 (Original Diamond Bur), SDM16 (Original Diamond Bur), SDF71 (Original Diamond Bur), 637 (Original Diamond Rugby Bur), 652 (Original Diamond Interproximal Bur), 650 (Original Diamond Rugby Bur Very Fine), 330 (Tungsten Carbide Bur), 558 (Tungsten Carbide Bur), Set of 8 Burs High Speed Burs with Bur Stand


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