Polishing Stones


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Shofu Dura-White Stones:

These are ideal for fine contouring and finishing of enamel, composites, compomers and porcelains.

  • Micrograined aluminum oxide grit
  • Vibration-free performance
  • Long lasting
  • Use Dura-White Stones for: fine finishing on enamel, composites, glass ionomer restoratives and porcelains

Available for Fast or Slow hand pieces, in: Rugby, Round or Flame shapes.

Shofu Brownie®/Greenie®:

These are silicone polishers used on precious metals and amalgam. Use Brownies to achieve a smooth surface, Greenies for a lustrous polish and for a super-polish.

  • Silicone polishers impregnated with high quality abrasives
  • Use Brownies for pre-polishing and Greenies for polishing
  • Main use for amalgams, precious alloys and nonprecious alloys- can be used for composites if other alternatives not available

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Fast – Flame, Fast – Round, Fast – Rugby, Slow – Flame, Slow – Round, Slow – Rugby, Brownie, Greenie


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